Mercer County Tournament Association members value the principles of sportsmanship and the ideal of pursuing victory with honor in high school athletics. The MCTA believes that athletics should be conducted in a way that reflects positively on the individual participants and schools. The standards of sportsmanship below emphasize the basic expectations of the MCTA related to sportsmanship.

It is the belief of the MCTA that the highest potential of sports is achieved when competition reflects the following six core principles: Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Honesty, Integrity and Good Citizenship.

Standards of Conduct

Member schools' student-athletes, coaches and staff shall conduct themselves in an appropriate manner in connection with all sporting events in which they participate. They shall conduct themselves as positive role models and represent their respective schools in a manner that exhibits the principles of sportsmanship. They shall exhibit respect and courtesy towards all participants, and comment about other schools, coaches and student-athletes only in a positive manner.

Behavior that is not considered sportsmanlike or appropriate in connection with events includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Acts of violence, attempted acts of violence or attempts to incite violence;
  • Obscene, profane, demeaning or unduly provocative language, gestures or actions directed towards an opposing team, school, contest official, staff member or spectator;
  • Public criticism of or publicly disparaging statements about an opposing team, school, contest official, staff member, or spectator;
  • All other actions, as determined by the MCTA, in violation the principles and standards of sportsmanship.

    Competitive Environment

    The management and conduct of events is the responsibility of the host school. In their discharge of this responsibility, through the appropriate seating of students and the provision of adequate support personnel and security, all member schools shall ensure a competitive environment that is safe, fair, and consistent with the principles and standards of sportsmanship.

    All ancillary support groups subject to school control [spirit squads, bands, mascots] shall conform to the principles and standards of sportsmanship.

    Schools are responsible for the conduct of spectators at events they host. Spectators whose conduct is abusive to officials, participants or spectators, or that violates reasonable social standards of conduct, should be removed from the event.

    Spectators should not be permitted on the court or the field of play until the visiting team and officials have made safe transition to the locker room.

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